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Supplemental Security Income Lawyer Cheyenne, Wyoming

Relentless advocate for the most vulnerable needing assistance

Though Supplemental Security Income (SSI) bears some similarity to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), there are important differences that applicants need to understand before they apply. At Mark C. Anzman, Attorney at Law, I have more than two decades of experience helping clients seeking SSI to obtain the income assistance they need. Both SSI and SSDI pay benefits to people who are unable to work fully, but SSI is not an insurance program funded by Social Security taxes. While SSDI benefits are paid regardless of your household assets, SSI has strict means limits on eligibility. If you are having trouble paying basic expenses and don’t have assets you can use, I will help you seek SSI payments so that you and your family can meet your daily needs. Benefits are even available to families of disabled minor children.

Knowledgeable advice on SSI eligibility for adults and children

Because SSI is an assistance program, its review process looks at more than just a person’s medical condition. Required elements include:

  • Age, disability or blindness — People who are blind, over 65 or who meet the government’s disability standard are eligible to receive SSI. Families who have a minor child with severe functional limitations lasting more than one year can also get SSI benefits.
  • Income — To receive SSI, the applicant’s income must fall below a set monthly limit, which varies based on the individual’s situation. If a disabled person only has earnings income, the limit is $1,551 due to the earned income exclusion. Otherwise, the limit is $1,130. This amount includes pension, disability and unemployment benefits. It does not include the value of benefits received through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), or educational grants such as scholarships. If you have questions about other types of income, I can provide a complete rundown.
  • Assets and resources — The Social Security Administration reviews available resources of SSI applicants to determine if benefits will be granted. This thorough evaluation examines money, bank accounts, second vehicles, real estate other than your home, and even insurance policies with a cash value. An individual with $2,000 or a couple with $3,000 in resources is not eligible for SSI.

If you think you may qualify for SSI benefits, Mark C. Anzman, Attorney at Law, has the experience to organize your application and present your SSI case in the most effective way possible.

Counselor guiding clients through the SSI review process

Throughout the SSI review, I help ensure that the Social Security Administration receives and understands each aspect of your application so that you are not denied unfairly. I am always focused on achieving results that will improve your life as soon as possible. For 2016, the typical monthly benefit is $733 for an individual and $1,100 for a couple.  If you are awarded SSI benefits, the State of Wyoming adds a small additional monthly payment through the Department of Family Services.

Contact our Wyoming Social Security Disability law firm for a free consultation to discuss your SSI eligibility

For legal advice on Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits, contact me, Mark C. Anzman, Attorney at Law. You can call me at 866-688-1661 or contact me online.